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The ASMi-52L SHDSL Ethernet modem transmits serial, Ethernet or E1 data streams on an SHDSL link at various data rates over a range up to 10 km (6.2 miles). Using TC-PAM technology for extending transmission range, the ASMi-52L SHDSL Ethernet modem enables carriers to cost-effectively reach more users with copper lines at higher data rates over larger distances in the Last Mile.

The attractively priced ASMi-52L SHDSL Ethernet modem is optimized for applications that require only a single V.35, X.21, E1 or Ethernet user port but also features a version with a built-in 10/100BaseT switch with up to four Ethernet ports and transparent VLAN support. Typical applications include cost-effective extension of Ethernet, E1 and serial data for municipalities, utilities, corporate connectivity, and cellular backhaul.

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  • Service extension over any copper infrastructure
  • Compatible with SHDSL repeaters, enabling long-distance applications
  • Utilizes TC-PAM line coding for extending the operation range up to 10 km (6.2 miles) without repeaters
  • Comprehensive diagnostics include real-time alarms, loopbacks, and SHDSL performance monitoring
  • Supports dry contact applications such as SCADA
  • Reliable performance over poor quality or noisy lines
  • Automatic configuration allows plug-and-play installation

The ASMi-52L SHDSL modem uses TC PAM-16 line coding SHDSL technology to extend the range of digital interfaces. The ASMi-52L SHDSL modem offers longer distances and variable data rates up to 2.3 Mbps over 2-wire and 4.6 Mbps over 4-wire.

Cost-effective Ethernet extension

The attractively priced ASMi-52L SHDSL modem has been optimized for applications requiring only a single user port. The modem offers a variety of interfaces: V.35, X.21, E1, 10/100BaseT bridge with VLAN support or four-port 10/100BaseT bridge with VLAN support). The ASMi-52L SHDSL modem extends the range of 2 Mbps data transmission more than 4 km over 2-wire or 4-wire cable. The maximum transmission rage is 10 km (6.2 miles) over 24 AWG.

The ASMi-52L is compatible with 2/4-wire repeaters, such as RAD’s S-RPT, for supporting even longer-range applications. It also works opposite RAD’s LRS-24 modem rackDXC, and Megaplex SHDSL modules. Monitoring, control and diagnostics of local and remote units are available via a supervisory port. Standards compliance enables the ASMi-52 modem to work opposite third-party TDM equipment that supports the SHDSL standard. The ASMi-52L SHDSL modem is available as a standalone unit or as a card for the LRS-24 19-inch rack with central SNMP management. It is also available in a rugged metal enclosure designed for easy installation on cabinet rail mounts that meet the EN 50121-4 industry standard. The management connection to the standalone unit is operated via the V.24/RS-232 port using SLIP protocol.

  • Data rates between 64 kbps and 4608 kbps.
  • Interfaces: X.21, V.35, E1, or 10/100BaseT with option for four ports and integrated LAN switch
  • Complies with ITU-T G.991.2 and ETSI 101524 standards for SHDSL
  • Operates at multiple data rates between 64 kbps and 4608 kbps enabling single-platform system upgrades
  • Operates opposite RAD’s LRS-24, DXC, and Megaplex modules as well as third-party equipment
  • Managed by SNMP, Telnet or ASCII terminal
  • Available as a chassis card, 1U half 19” enclosure, or rail mount

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