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ADSL Regenerator

The ADSL Regenerator increases reach by more than 50%, doubles broadband rates on typical loops and triples the bandwidth on longer loops. Kenton's ADSL Regenerator allows cost-effective delivery of broadband to virtually every location in a carrier's footprint, and increases the number of customers to whom IPTV and other video services can be delivered.


ADSL Regenerator's are designed to meet the stringent requirements for Telco outside plant specifications including ingress of water or particles and provide protection against lightning strikes and Electromagnetic Interference and eliminates any radiated emissions emanating from the regenerator. 

Typically deployed mid span in the customer loop the ADSL Regenerator operates seamlessly with the Carrier's DSLAM and the subscriber's Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), terminating the DSLAM generated ADSL which is then reshaped so as not to cause interference to collocated services and re-launched out to the customer. By utilising the higher frequency bands on the customer side of the Regenerator, interference is minimised and extended reach can be achieved.

The Regenerator is line powered from a spare pair fed from a power feed unit housed in the Central Office. By using the additional pair, as well as remotely powering the Regenerator leading to rapid deployment on customer lines, management information about line speeds and performance data can be displayed. The ADSL Regenerator passes through the POTS service and power even during a unit failure.

  • Bandwidth Improvement Up to 300%
  • Covers over 97.5% of loop lengths
  • Rapid Service Deployment and Service Turn-Up
  • Interoperable with standard ADSL and ADSL2+ Central Office and CPE equipment.
  • No special configuration of CO or CPE equipment necessary
  • Line Powered – Simple Installation
  • Designed to Outside Plant Specifications
  • Robust, Reliable Solution
  • Leverages Existing Infrastructure
  • Delivering broadband to over 10Km
Not available
  • Number of ADSL Channels regenerated: 4 
  • Number of Power feed inputs: 2 
  • BT CAL supported: CAL= 2 to 52 in 2dB steps
  • ASDL line rates supported: 4 wire cable for CAL=26 to 52 using  14 different combinations of linking at the Regenerator, or CAL=2 to 52 via the NMS
  • CAL selection: Max 20Mbps downstream, Max 2Mbps upstream 
  • Power Feed Voltage: 190v DC 
  • Power Feed current limit: <60mA 
  • Remote management functions: CAL settings. Line speed for 4 modem (input) ports. Line speeds for 4 DSLAM (output) ports. DSLAM port parameters (INP, Annex M etc). Error counters on each port. SNR for each port. Approximate usage counters. Time & Date Event logging. 
  • Physical size: 295mm x 175mm x 50mm 
  • Weight: 1.1Kg 
  • Connections: Cable Tail 20 pairs 2m long

Power Feed Line Card Specifications

  • Number of Power Feed outputs: 4 
  • Number of Regenerators supported: 2 
  • Management connection to regenerator over power pairs: Voice band low speed modem 
  • Power Feed Voltage: 190v DC 
  • CAL selection: Max 20Mbps downstream. Max 2Mbps upstream
  • Power Feed Voltage: 190v DC 
  • Power Feed current limit: <60mA 
  • Physical: Fits into Exchange shelf 

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