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ASMi - 54LRT

The ASMi-54LRT is a managed SHDSL.bis modem with integrated router for small and medium businesses (SOHO/SME users). Enabling cost effective LAN-to-LAN connectivity, it transports Ethernet and E1 traffic over multi-pair copper links with data access rates of up to 22.8 Mbps (8-wire) using EFM bonding. In addition to its Ethernet bridging capabilities, the ASMi-54LRT features a built-in router to enable Internet connectivity and Layer 3 VPN services for small and medium offices without requiring an external router.

The ASMi-54LRT is ideal for carriers and service providers, as well as corporate, utilities and transportation companies looking for economical and secure delivery of voice and VPN data traffic over leased lines or over public IP networks.

  • Maximises bandwidth utilisation of existing copper infrastructure with SHDSL.bis and EFM capabilities
  • Reduces network equipment costs with multi-service Ethernet and E1 support, as well as with dual Ethernet bridging and IP routing functionality
  • Ensures secure traffic delivery with discrete LAN operation, Firewall and IPsec support
  • Reliable performance over poor quality or noisy lines
  • Supports service provider QoS
  • Dual-purpose device supporting CO or CPE configurations

The ASMi-54L SHDSL.bis modem is a cost-effective, managed device for extending E1 andFast Ethernet services over multi-pair bonded copper links. Built-in IP routing capabilities allow business users to create a secure Layer 3 VPN for branch office communications over public IP networks without requiring leased line services. In addition, the ASMi-54LRT enables enterprise users to benefit from improved, symmetrical data rates and increased service coverage for bandwidth consuming applications, such as video conferencing.

Ethernet capabilities and QoS support

Featuring a built-in Ethernet switch, the ASMi-54LRT SHDSL.bis modem with built-in router includes up to four 10/100BaseT user ports and supports VLAN-aware and VLAN-unaware bridging. VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) and stripping functionalities enable transparent traffic delivery over packet-switched networks with optimal efficiency. QoS (quality of service) levels are defined according to VLAN priority (802.1p), DSCP, or per port, offering users flexibility in differentiating traffic handling depending on application requirements. Up to four priority queues are supported using Strict Priority (SP) scheduling. Fault propagation enables the units to shut down the Ethernet user port when an SHDSL line failure is detected. EFM bonding capabilities ensure that a failure or addition of a link does not drop the traffic being transmitted over the other wires in the group. Capacity is also maintained when a new link is added at a lower rate during Ethernet transmission.

IP routing functionalities

The ASMi-54LRT incorporates a built-in router to allow secure and efficient Layer 3 IP connectivity over packet switched networks. The device enables port forwarding whereby packets are delivered according to a static or dynamic NAT/PAT (network address translation/port address translation) table. This allows multiple LAN devices to share a single public IP address, so that outgoing traffic appears to originate from a single device - the ASMi-54LRT.

Solid Firewall™ protection for the LAN and WAN interfaces, as well as for the DMZ sub-network, provides security against unauthorised network access, including malicious denial of service (DoS/DDoS) attacks. Protective measures include rate limiting for ingress packets of vulnerable types, stateful packet inspection (SPI) and service authorisation, among others.

Management options

The ASMi-54LRT supports the following management connections for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics:

  • Local RS-232 terminal
  • Telnet server, SNMP (ver.1)
  • RADview-EMS Web server
  • Network links for Inband management with a dedicated VLAN
  • Four-port 10/100BaseT interface with integrated bridge or router
  • Optional E1 interface
  • Standard SHDSL supports up to 5.7 Mbps over 2-wire, 11.4 Mbps over 4-wire or 22.8 Mbps over 8-wire
  • Dual Bearer mode for E1 and Ethernet HDLC over 2-wire and 4-wire lines
  • TC-PAM 16 or TC-PAM 32 line coding
  • Static NAT/NAPT routing
  • Solid FirewallTM protection for LAN and DMZ with ingress rate limitation
  • IPsec VPN support
  • EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) bonding per IEEE 802.3-2005; M-Pair bonding for HDLC per G.991.2
  • VLAN prioritisation and Ethernet QoS support, per-port rate limitation
  • Managed via SNMP, Telnet and ASCII terminal

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