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Broadband Amplifier

SWIFT increases reach by more than 50%, doubles broadband rates on typical loops and triples the bandwidth on longer loops. Kenton's SWIFT allows cost-effective delivery of broadband to virtually every location in a carrier's footprint, and increases the number of customers to whom IPTV and other video services can be delivered.

SWIFT operates seamlessly with the Carrier's DSLAM and the subscriber's Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), providing higher bandwidth and longer reach than available with standard DSLAM equipment. SWIFT is designed to extend the reach of DSL Services (ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+) without impacting voice services, and remains completely transparent with standards-based DSLAMs and CPE.

SWIFT is line powered from the existing POTS line feed eliminating the need for batteries or any additional Central Office (CO) equipment leading to rapid deployment on customer lines. SWIFT passes through the POTS service and power even during a unit failure.

SWIFT Broadband Amplifier's are designed to meet the stringent requirements for Telco outside plant specifications including ingress of water or particles and provide protection against lightning strikes and Electromagnetic Interference and eliminates any radiated emissions emanating from the Amplifier.

SWIFT Broadband Amplifier's are designed to ensure spectral compatibility with neighbouring services. They are designed to conform to spectral regulation, offering the ability to comply with the PSD requirements for each individual market. The Amplifier can be installed at existing splice points and turned up almost immediately. It is typically installed mid-span between the CO and the customer premises. SWIFT will auto-calibrate and provide optimal bandwidth and auto-correct for tip and ring roll making installation simple. The Amplifier requires no active management and allows easy troubleshooting.

  • Bandwidth Improvement Up to 300%
  • Covers over 97.5% of loop lengths
  • Rapid Service Deployment and Service Turn-Up
  • Interoperable with standard ADSL and ADSL2+ Central Office and CPE equipment.
  • No special configuration of CO or CPE equipment necessary
  • Line Powered – Simple Installation
  • Designed to Outside Plant Specifications
  • Robust, Reliable Solution
  • Leverages Existing Infrastructure
Not available


  • Up to the maximum supported by ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ Standards 

Loop Length Supported

  • Between 1.5km to 7.5km


  • Voltage: -48V nominal (-22VDC to -56VDC)
  • Power: 100mw during start-up and operation, ensures 20mA off-hook loop current at CPE.


  • Temperature: -40C to +65C
  • Relative Humidity: Up to 95% non-conditioned
  • Lightning Protection: Primary and Secondary lightning protection and overvoltage protection circuitry.
  • CE-EMC and Safety compliant
  • Complies with UL-60950
  • WEEE and ROHS Compliant

 DSLAM and CPE Interoperability

  • Transparent and fully interoperable with standards-based DSLAMs and CPE that support G.992.1 ADSL Annex A, G.992.3 ADSL2 Annex A and G.992.5 ADSL2+ Annex A.

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