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C6110 Series

The ION 4xT1/E1/J1 copper to fiber network interfacedevice (NID) provides a solution for thoseusers that need to extend multiple T1/E1 connectionsover fiber.

The ION 4xT1/E1/J1 supports Small Form Pluggable(SFP) transceivers to support a variety offiber types, distances and wavelengths to providemaximum flexibility across a variety of networktopologies.

The use of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing(CWDM) SFPs can be utiliSed to further increasethe bandwidth capacity of the fiber infrastructure.

The ION 4xT1/E1/J1 NID must be used in pairs.A typical installation will include a chassis cardinstalled in the ION Platform locally and a standalonedevice installed at the remote location.

  • 4 x RJ-48 copper interfaces 1 fiber interface (fixed or SFP) 2 SFP ports on C6111-1040 model
  • Loopback via test set
  • Local and remote loopbacks
  • LEDs for device status and troubleshooting
  • Settings for line code, line build out, loopbacks and Alarm Indication Signal (AIS)
  • Access to complete status and configuration on local and remote device
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Remote management
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Not available

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