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RAD's FCD-IP access unit with integrated router is an E1/T1 or Fractional E1/T1 access device that enables service providers to bundle data, voice and IP access services over a single E1 or T1 access line. The FCD-IP access unit with integrated router supports WAN services such as E1 or T1 over a fibre optic link, Frame Relay with auto learn and ISDN BRI for data backup. An integrated router supports IP routing and transparent bridging.

The FCD-IP an ideal solution for small to medium size companies needing to integrate their voice and data traffic and access the Internet via a Fractional E1/T1 line.

  • Simple, low cost solution
  • Drop-and-Insert port maximises utilisation of an E1/T1 line and reduces the number of required ports on the access line
  • A single IP address reduces costs and increases security
  • Filtering reduces WAN traffic
  • Integrated firewall increases network security

The FCD-IP is an access unit for full or Fractional E1/T1 services with an integrated router. It can be ordered with one or two independent Ethernet LAN ports or alternatively with an integrated four-port switch that can replace an external hub or switch. An optional data port, sub-E1/T1 drop-and-insert port or four analog ports (FXS, FXO, E&M) are also available. The data port rates are selectable for any multiple of 56 kbps or 64 kbps, up to 1,984 kbps.

The FCD-IP is available with a software selectable internal LTU, and allows direct connection to the E1 network or connection via an external LTU. A built-in CSU/DSU allows direct connection to a T1 network.

Integrated Router
The integrated router supports:
The FCD-IP operates with RAD's modular DXC multi-service access node products for multilink star applications, including access to SDH networks. The DXC and FCD-IP units operate under centralised SNMP network management.

Programmable time slot allocation
Times lot assignment is programmable, allowing data from the LAN, sub-E1/T1, analog voice and data ports to be placed into time slots, either consecutively or alternately. The FCD-IP also allows flexible allocation of the data port time slots. Each time slot of the sub-E1/T1 port is placed on the same time slot of the main E1/T1 link.

Data from the data port can either be assigned transparently to the main link time slots or routed together with the LAN data.

Ring and drop-and-insert capabilities
FCD-IP provides up to four fractional E1 links with automatic bypass in case of link failure. This unit can be deployed in ring and daisy chain applications together with the Megaplex multiplexers, to affordably connect smaller sites to the E1 ring, while at the same time offering the same self-healing link protection capabilities as the larger devices. The E1 interface meets all requirements of ITU recommendations G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.732.

The T1 interface is compatible with virtually all carrier-provided T1 services.

Setup, control and monitoring of status and diagnostic information can be done using:

The FCD-IP supports an internal SNMP agent and can be controlled by any generic SNMP station or by the RADview SNMP network management application.

The FCD-IP supports dial-in, which can be used for remote out-of-band configuration and monitoring. Maintenance capabilities include user-activated local and remote loopbacks. The FCD-IP is available as a standalone unit for the desktop or a 19-inch rack shelf.

  • IP/IPX routing and transparent bridging
  • Optional ISDN backup for data
  • Supports Frame Relay (RFC 1490) and PPP protocols
  • OSPF support
  • Optional data port
  • Data interfaces: V.35, RS-530, V.36/RS-449, V.24, X.21
  • Selectable sync data rates: n x 56 kbps, n x 64 kbps
  • Three optional sub-E1/T1 ports or four analog ports (FXS, FXO, E&M) for PBX/phone connectivity
  • Drop-and-insert capability
  • Ring capability Fail-safe sub-E1/T1 ensures uninterrupted service
  • Dial backup over ISDN/PSTN
  • Operates with RAD's DXC multi-service access node for multilink star configuration SNMP, Telnet or control port management
  • Management via DTS on E1/T1

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