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RAD's FOM-E1 or T1 fiber optic modem converts E1 or T1 signals into optical signals, and then transmits the converted signal over a fiber optic cable for extended distances, forming a secure link for data communication devices. Operating at user-selected rates, the FOM-E1 or T1 fiber optic modem can transmit both framed and unframed E1 or T1 signals. The FOM-E1 or T1 fiber optic modem supports different fiber optic interfaces and can operate with several grades of fiber optic cable.

  • Extends the range of equipment with electrical E1 or T1 interfaces over fibre optics; up to 144 kilometres (89.4 miles)
  • WDM supported, reducing access costs

Electrical to optical signal conversion

  • The FOM-E1 or T1 fibre optic modem converts an E1 or T1 electrical signal into an optical signal. After the conversion, the signal is transmitted over fibre optic cable, extending the E1 or T1 service range up to 144 km (89.4 miles).
  • The FOM-E1 or T1 is transparent to E1 or T1 framing (G.704), which enables it to transmit both framed or unframed E1 or T1 signals.
  • Using the FOM-E1 or T1 opposite the DXC cross connect system, Megaplex access multiplexer or FCD access unit reduces the cost of the fibre optic link when accessing the SDH/SONET network.

The FOM-E1 or T1 supports various optical interfaces:

  • FOM-E1 or T1operation complies with ITU G.703, G.921 and G.956 standards. The modem supports activation of local and remote loopbacks in compliance with the ITU V.54 standard.
  • Front panel LEDs indicate system faults in the electrical and fiber optic circuits.
  • User selectable data rates from 56 kbps to 2.048 Mbps
  • Transparent to framing (ITU G.704)
  • Conforms to all relevant ITU standards, including V.54 loopback diagnostic testing and V.52 BER testing
  • Large variety of data interfaces supported
  • Supports balanced and unbalanced interfaces
  • Operates over multimode or single mode fibre
  • Available as a standalone, single modem card, or dual modem card suitable to be installed in an ASM-MN-214 chassis

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