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The converter will provide a solution for those users that desire to extend the point of presence of a copper V.35 / X.21 / RS449 / RS530 / RS232 connection at data rates up to ten megabits per second.

The stand-alone converter can be remotely managed when used in conjunction with a chassis card version.

The converter uses a universal 26-pin serial interface to allow connections to multiple copper interfaces via a converter cable.

  • Access to remote stand-alone unit
  • Operational speeds up to 10Mbps
  • Fiber Loop-back
  • Copper Loop-back
  • LED indicators for Lock, Loop-back & Data
  • Ability to use a combination of any copper interface (RS449 to V.35, RS530 to X.21, DTE-DTE, DTE-DCE, DCE-DCE, etc.) All interfaces converted at the physical level. Management Features

Report converter status to chassis management software:

  • Local Fiber Lock status
  • Local/Remote Hardware/Software mode
  • Local/Remote Speed select
  • Local/Remote Loop-back
  • Local/Remote Cable type reporting, near end
  • Local/Remote Clock polarity setting

Write operation includes:

  • Remote Loop-back
  • Remote Speed Select
Not available
Not available

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