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IAR150 2s

High Speed Resilient Access

  • The 1502s Multi-Service Access Router delivers advanced data services over ADSL2+ and VDSL networks with automatic embedded 3/4G mobile data backup. 
  • Kenton AccessnetTM SIM provides reliable and secure connectivity on to any 3/4G network available.

Full Service Gateway

  • Local networks need both wired and wireless access to support all types of services in a secure and reliable manner in one box, they need a full service gateway. Based on the OneOS software, the 1502s is a full service gateway for resilient data and voice applications.
  • The 1502s provides secured Internet access through a stateful inspection firewall. Secure connection through the internet to remote equipment and databases can be set up via IP VPNs. It provides best-in-class IP Quality of Service features including real-time processing of high priority, delay sensitive applications and guaranteed bandwidth for selected flows.
  • Each of the 2 LAN ports can be reserved for a server. Specific policies can be applied per port.
  • The 1502s series with its metal enclosure is designed for industrial mounting where space and access are a premium, in the utility, transportation and defence industry where availability with durability are paramount.
  • The 1502s uses Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI) to facilitate configuration management for the service provider's technicians. Several auto discovery and update features make the network roll-out straightforward allowing the installation of units with a standard configuration.
  • The 1502s is supplied with 2 serial interfaces. The first is a fixed RS232 port the second is software definable to support RS232/422/485. These ports can be defined to support bit rates from 9.6kbps. Each port can be configured in either point to point or point to multi point operation.
  • ADSL2+ up to 27Mbps
  • Sim 3/4G failover for fixed line Broadband
  • High Performance, Resilient Fibre-Like performance
  • Integrated 2 Port 10/100 Base-T switch
  • Supports MODBUS Slave & Master Gateway
  • Wide range DC power input
  • Two fixed serial RS232 ports
  • Low Delay and Jitter for Voice and Video Transmission
  • DIN rail mounting TS35
  • External 3/4G antenna options
  • CLI Configuration
  • Single face access
  • SNMP V1/V2C/V3
  • Software selectable serial port RS232/425/485
  • Rapid Service Deployment
Not available

Basic hardware

  • 1x DSL (ADSL2+/VDSL) Interface card or 1x ADSL2+ Interface
  • Fast Ethernet 2 port switch
  • 1x console port
  • IPsec encryption accelerator for DES, 3DES, AES

VDSL2/ADSL Interface card and ADSL2+ Interface

  • Dual chip VDSL2 & ADSL2+
  • VDSL2 according to G.993.2
  • G.lite, G.DMT Annex A (ADSL over POTS)
  • G.DMT Annex B (ADSL over ISDN, U-R2 compatible)
  • ADSL2/2+ G.992.3 (including annex L - annex M) G.992.4, G.992.5

ATM (for ADSL Interface)

  • Up to 8 PVCs
  • OAM-F5 (send/receive): loopback, continuity check
  • Shaping: UBR, VBR-NRT, VBR-RT,CBR
  • Encapsulation (LLC or Mux): IP, PoE, PPP, PPOE

EFM (for VDSL Interface)

  • EFM IEEE 802.3 2BASE-TL (aka 802.3ah) (for VDSL)
  • ADSL/VDSL auto-sensing

Ethernet Interfaces

  • 10/100Mbps, half/full duplex with auto-sense
  • Automatic cross-over

Wireless Radio Interface

  • Quad band EDGE/GPRS (850/900/1,800/1,900 Mhz)
  • Dual band HSDPA/UMTS (900/1,900/2,100 Mhz)
  • Dual band HSUPA/UMTS (900/1,900/2,100 Mhz)

Bridging and VLANs

  • Bridging and Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB)
  • VLAN tagging and untagging
  • Multiple VLAN IDs per port
  • 802.1p priority tagging, TOS/COS and COS/TOS mapping

IP Addressing & Routing

  • NAT/NAPT: static/dynamic NAT, NAPT, selective NAT, twice NAT
  • NAT Application Level Gateway (ALG) for VOIP: SIP, H.323
  • DHCP client, server, relay, DNS proxy
  • Routing protocols: RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2, BGP v4
  • Multicast Routing: PIM-SM and IGMP v2/v3
  • Policy-Based Routing
  • VRRP
  • Server load balancing

IP Quality of Service

  • IP Classification and priority (DiffServ)
  • Class-Based Queuing (CBQ), CB-WFQ on LAN/WAN interfaces
  • Low Latency Queuing, fragmentation and interleaving
  • Policing and remarking


  • Stateful packet inspection firewall
  • Standard and extended access lists
  • Session monitoring and limiting
  • Configurable timers per port and application
  • All firewall log messages can be buffered, viewed or sent to a Syslog Server


  • Tunnels: IPsec, GRE, IPIP, L2TP
  • IPsec encryption: AES, DES, 3DES*
  • IPsec tunnel and transport mode: IKE and PKI, AH and ESP with SHA1 and MD-5 hashing
  • UDP-based encapsulation for NAT traversal
  • IKE with pre-shared secret, symmetrical or client-server mode
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • DNS server update protocol: DynDNS


  • PPP over ATM, PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) on Ethernet, EFM (VDSL2) and ATM (ADSL2+) interfaces
  • Automatic IP address assignment
  • MLPPP bonding with fragmentation and interleaving
  • PAP/CHAP authentication
  • IPCP subnet mask
  • MAC address based authentication


  • Industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Web-based GUI for LAN, and IBC settings by end-users (can be turned off)
  • SNMP V1/V2C/V3
  • Support of user privileges
  • File upload/download via FTP/TFTP
  • QoS measurement probe
  • Traceroute, ping, extended ping
  • User authentication via RADIUS or TACACS+
  • RADIUS accounting
  • Global statistics screens (console, web-based)
  • Event and trace buffering
  • Syslog client
  • Flow capture and decoding
  • Interface RS232-RJ45 console port

2 Serial Ports

  • Port1 fixed RS232
  • Port 2 software selectable RS232/422/485
  • Port speeds 50bps-230kbs configurable BAUD Rate
  • Parity odd, even, mark, space, none, Flow Control hardware software both none
  • Supports MODBUS Slave & Master Gateway


  • Temperature range -20 to +55 °C
  • Rugged enclosure IP41
  • Humidity 95% non-condensing


  • Desktop, wall mountable, DIN rail TS35
  • W x H x D: 50 x 275 x 165 mm; Weight: 1.6 kg


  • Wide range DC 20-72V, 30 Watts max


IAR150 1502s Ordering Option: AC Power Unit: IAR-PSU-DRAN60-24

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