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Liberator S

Liberator models support up to 4 PRI interfaces and 0, 4, 8 or 16 BRI ‘S' interfaces.


A standard Liberator ‘S' can be user configured with all PRI interfaces the same.

  • Very flexible PRI/BRI ISDN switch
  • ISDN splitter, sharer or concentrator
  • Converts between PRI and BRI
  • Connects to ISDN networks and/or local ISDN devices
  • Shares ISDN access between multiple local devices
  • Full cross-connection between any/ all ‘B’ channels
  • BRI Power Feed options
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Dynamic re-directing of calls if destinations unavailable
  • Local connectivity between any ports
  • Build multiple BRI networks ports into a local PRI
  • NT BRIs and NT/TE user switchable
  • BRI Power Failure Relay Protection option
  • PRI ports NT/TE user switchable
  • PRI ports Power Failure Relay protected
  • Standard ETSI to ANSI PRI to BRI conversion
  • BRI ANSI to ETSI conversion
  • Supports A-Law to μ-Law for voice conversion
  • Support for “Call Deflection”
  • Tones generated from network and/or by Liberator
  • Different models available to support different I/O combinations
  • Field-upgradeable versions to remotely enable additional ports
  • Remotely manageable and software upgradeable
  • Off-line Call Routing configurator
  • Many applications and uses
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