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Line Isolation Unit 102A

The LIU102A provides isolation to 'hot'ť sites such as high voltage electricity sub-stations that are subject to a rise of earth potential, or for the protection of transmission equipment from HV flashover and static discharge. The isolator may be used on Lease lines, Pilot cables or Private Circuits with baseband voice and data services.


  • 15 kV RMS AC @50Hz


  • >100 Meg 2

Characteristics to Line

  • Nominal impedance 600 ohms

Characteristics to Equipment

  • Nominal impedance 600 ohms

Modem services

  • ITU-T V.34, V.33, V.32, V.29,
  • ITU-T V.27, V.26, V.23, V.22,

Frequency response

  • 200 to 4000Hz
  • WRT 1Khz +/- 0.3dB
  • Return Loss > 22dB
  • Linearity +10 to -50db
Not available
DIN rail 46 277 & 50 022
Two Screw fixing holes in base 4.5mmØ

Temperature Range
-20 to +70 C

Case: Polycarbonate UL94 V-1
Colour: RAL7032

Screw termination
wire size 2.5 to 4mm2

D 75 x W 55x H 110


Meets the requirements of
Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC: safety to BS EN 60950: 1998

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