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M-4104 and 2004 are 2U intelligent auto-commissioning 4 channel F-OADM DWDM modules. Protocol transparent to all traffic types up to 100Gbps. The upper module contains all the node specific features such as wavelength and DCM filters. The lower unit contains two modules. First is a power and management node. And a second node for the network specific amplification and signal conditioning elements.
Smartoptics F-OADMs are designed as a much simpler and lower cost alternative to ROADMs for increased network flexibility. They reduce sparing requirements as the power and management module is common to all sites. The upper (wavelength specific) element is non traffic affecting. So in the event of a problem the pass through traffic is unaffected and this module need only be kept as an APR stock if desired. The upper module can be removed from the network without having to remove the lower module.
F-OADM continues in Smartoptics simple plug and forget philosophy to optical networking and is an ideal accompaniment to the M-Series family to build add drop and ring networks. It is shipped as a 2U unit and is fully pre-configured and tested before shipment.

• Flexible and cost effective OADM networking
• Auto commissioning
• ETSI 300
• Increased network flexibility
• Simplified equipment and sparing costs

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