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Smartoptics dual fiber M-OADMx-xxxyyy series is a versatile range of DWDM OADM modules for East and West or single sided East or West (line terminal) traffic configurations. Both types can be configured with any combination of 1310nm upgrade port and Line monitor. Protocol transparent and suited to 10/1G Ethernet, 16/8/4/2/1G FC, SDH/SONET, Video, CATV, FTTx applications.
Mid-span access (MSA) and Booster Preamp access (BPA) models exist to offer even more flexibility to add/drop networking. The MSA is a 1/2/4 channel OADM with a mid-stage access node. This node allows access to be gained to the midpoint of the OADM for example DCM or amplifier connection. Ideal if dispersion or amplification is not along the entire link.
The BPA module allows access to the add drop channels. This is ideal if for example there is a mix of ER and ZR traffic in a network and add or drop channels need to be amplified being connecting back to the line fiber.

• Flexible OADM networking
• 1/2/4 channel East & West / East or West
• Mid span access nodes for amplification and dispersion
• Passive 1U modular design
• No electric power required. (MTBF ca. 500 years)

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