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Optical Fail-Over Unit

The OFOU will automatically be activated in the event of a power failure or by a condition applied to the remote port. The OFOU can be used in both ring and point to point network topology, to provide resilience and route diversion. Low insertion loss performance makes it possible to use a number of these units cascaded on a network without the need for optical amplifiers.

Wide wavelength performance covering 'O' and 'C' band transmissions, make the OFOU suitable for networks using CWDM and DWDM technology. Legacy SONET/SDH transmissions are also supported.

A number of product variants are available offering different fibre connector combinations (LC & SC).


* U.S. Patent 6823102

  • Simplex or Duplex operation
  • CWDM, DWDM & SONET/SDH compatible
  • Low optical distortion
  • High isolation
  • High reliability
  • Fail safe
  • SC and LC interconnection
  • Built-in By-pass test
  • Alarm Output
  • Remote activation


MOD22009SC-SC: SC connectors both sides 

MOD22009SC-LC: SC connector type on Ring, LC on Equipment side

MOD22009LC-SC: LC connector type on Ring, SC on Equipment side

MOD22009LC-LC: LC connectors both sides

Wavelength:  1260 - 1360nm & 1510 - 1610nm as standard. 1260 - 1610nm Available on request

Insertion Loss:  <1db

Return Loss:  >55dB

Cross Talk:  > 55dB

Switching time:  < 10ms

Repeatability:  +/- 0.02dB

Durability:  107 cycles

Alarm output:  Volt free N/O & N/C contacts

Remote:  >5VDC or closed contact

Temperature range:  -5 to 70 deg C

Power:  200-240VAC 50/60Hz

Size:  214 W x 185 H x 95 D

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