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PacketLight's PL-2000DC is a transport platform for DCI (data centre interconnect), cloud providers, colocation providers, and high capacity applications, delivering up to 1.6T in a 1U chassis.

The PL-2000DC supports applications such as short haul and metro at 200G per wavelength, or ultra-long haul 100G solution. The product meets market demands for low power consumption, rack space savings and reduction in the overall solution CAPEX and OPEX by increasing the capacity of enterprise DCI and metro networks.

The solution provides full demarcation point between the service and the uplink DWDM side and is interoperable with any 3rd party switch or router. This provides full visibility and performance monitoring of both line optical transport layer (OTN) and service interfaces 100G LAN/OTU4.

Flexible Design
The PL-2000DC is a modular and cost-effective solution for rolling out 100G services or increasing existing network capacity. The device has 400G pluggable drawers and pluggable optical modules, delivering up to 1.6T in a 1U chassis, and enabling pay-as-you-grow architecture. The solution seamlessly integrates with PacketLight’s product suite to deliver carrier grade high-end solutions capable of serving up to 16 x 100G LAN or OTU4 at any mix for high-end carrier, enterprise and DCI networks.

Powerful Feature Set
The platform is designed for high 100G port density and high level of energy efficiency. The product comprises up to 4 drawers of 400G each, with dual 200G CFP2 analog coherent optics (ACO) uplinks on the line side, and 4 x QSFP28 on the service side.

The PL-2000DC has field-replaceable parts such as the controller card, PSUs, fan unit, 400G pluggable drawers and pluggable optical modules.


  • High transport capacity of 1.6T in 1U chassis
  • Managed service platform
  • Modular and cost effective for future growth and maintenance


  • 1.6T connectivity for DCI and colocation providers
  • 1.6T connectivity for cloud and internet exchange
  • High capacity, 16 x 100G managed service platform
  • 8 x 100G transponders for carriers long haul links

How PL-2000DC Connects


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