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Transition Networks's serial RS232 to Fiber Media Converter allows you to extend the distance between serial connections with the use of fiber optic cable. This full-featured converter transmits the full complement of RS232 flow control/handshaking signals optically and supports full or half-duplex asynchronous data transmission at speeds up to 115Kb/s.

The diagnostic features included on this converter make installation easy and intuitive. A DTE/DCE switch eliminates the frustration over selecting the appropriate cable. A loop-back switch allows for complete diagnostic testing prior to system turn-up or during troubleshooting. Unit and Port LEDs allow for quick status information of the converter.

  • Read/write access to remote stand-alone unit
  • Loopback (Local or Remote on copper and fiber)
  • This feature puts a converter in a special mode that enables the device to loop back the signal from the RX port to the TX port on either media for testing and troubleshooting purposes.
  • DTE/DCE switch for easy installation with straight-through cabling
  • Full/Half-duplex asynchronous transmission at speeds up to 115Kb/s

Supports the following flow control signaling:

  • DCD - Data Carrier Detect
  • RXD - Receive Data
  • TXD - Transmit Da
  • DTR - Data Terminal Ready
  • SG - Signal Ground
  • DSR - Data Set Ready
  • RTS - Request To Send
  • CTS - Clear To Send

Management Features:

  • Report converter status to chassis management software
  • Local Fiber Lock status
  • Local/Remote Hardware/Software mode
  • Local/Remote Loop-Back
  • Local/Remote DTE/DCE mode
  • Local/Remote link status
  • Write operation includes:
  • Local Loop-Back
  • Remote Loop-Back
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