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RAD's S-RPT/4W SHDSL or SHDSL.bis repeater extends the transmission distance of SHDSL or SHDSL.bis modems operating on 4-wire lines. Employing TC-PAM16 technology, the S-RPT/4WSHDSL repeater can double transmission distances.

Typical applications include DSL links alongside highways, railways, pipelines, power lines, and waterways as well as DSL transport to remote concentrators in rural or remote areas, and communication lines to military, construction or temporary field camps and sites.

Installed between two SHDSL modems, the S-RPT/4W SHDSL or SHDSL.bis repeater fully regenerates the received modem signal. Multiple repeaters can be used, without introducing jitter or wander problems.

  • Based on the SHDSL standard for higher speeds and longer loop ranges
  • High quality, high performance


Extends SHDSL modem transmission range
The S-RPT/4W SHDSL or SHDSL.bis repeater extends the transmission range of modems using SHDSL (TC-PAM 16) line coding. Even though SHDSL or SHDSL.bis modems provide superior reach and noise immunity in comparison with other DSL technologies, the maximum range of these modems in simple point-to-point (LTU-NTU) configurations is not sufficient for some applications:

Employs TC-PAM 16 coding
The S-RPT/4W SHDSL repeater, using TC-PAM 16 line coding, operates over 2-wire lines. The unit supports line rates from 192 kbps to 5.7 Mbps and fully regenerates the signal for increasing the transmission distance. The device can be managed locally via an ASCII terminal, or remotely from the central SHDSL equipment, using standard EOC messages.

  • SHDSL line repeaters for operation over 4-wire lines
  • Locally or remotely powered
  • Supports line rates from 192 Kbps to 2048 Kbps
  • Available as a desktop unit or in IP-67 casing for installation in communication ducts
  • Fully manageable via DSL link

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