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RAD's DXC-4 fractional E1/T1 groomer offers reliable E1/T1 grooming of TDM traffic for up to eight fractional E1/T1 lines, saving costs on leased lines and offering quick payback. The DXC-4 fractional E1/T1 groomer offers a cost-effective solution for mobile backhauling of TDM traffic from base stations (BTS) to cellular networks.

The compact, standalone DXC-4 is widely deployed by cellular, wireless and leased line operators to optimize bandwidth utilization or to maximize services by separating and redirecting TDM traffic according to type.

Alternatively the DXC-4 E1/T1 groomer can groom DS0 timeslots including the signal information into a single E1/T1 link.

The DXC-4 E1/T1 grooming solution complements RAD's DXC family of multiservice access nodes and can also can be deployed on any E1/T1 device.

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  • Reduce leased line costs by aggregating fractional E1/T1s
  • Flexible setup and configuration: Ports can be designated via software as E1 or T1
  • Transmission is over copper or fiber, ensuring compatibility with any infrastructure
  • Features management agent
  • RAD's DXC-4 is a cost-effective unit for grooming fractional E1/T1 lines, capable of grooming TDM traffic from up to eight fractional E1/T1 links onto a single E1/T1 uplink.
  • The scalable DXC-4 can be ordered with four or eight ports to support four of eight link channels.
  • The DXC-4 E1/T1 grooming device supports user-selectable E1 or T1 links. Internal LTU/CSU is included. The DXC-4 is ETSI-rack installation ready.
  • The DXC-4 E1/T1 grooming solution has an SNMP agent. A wide range of management options such as ASCII terminal, Telnet and ConfiguRAD are available via two NMS ports.
  • Compact solution for E1/T1 grooming
  • The DXC-4 complements the DXC family of cross-connects with a compact half 19-inch non-modular solution.
  • The DXC-4 E1/T1 grooming solution has an optional redundant power supply.
  • Grooms fractional links onto one E1/T1 link
  • Four or eight E1/T1 ports
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • SNMP management

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