For more than 30 years The Kenton Group has worked closely with its utility customers to provide field-proven communications solutions from market leading vendors and from our own in house product design team Kenton Design and Technology. All of these products are selected and designed to meet the key requirements of utility communication networks:

  • Mission-Critical reliability, resilience and redundancy
  • Support of SCADA, legacy services and interfaces
  • Smooth migration to packet-based networks
  • High Security in cluding communications and management protocols
  • Operation over long distances
  • Operation in harsh environments including:
    • Severe Vibration
    • High temperature Operation +70°C to -40°C
    • Environmentally hardened IP67, IP66, IP55 and IP41
    • Resilient to power fluctuations, wide range power input
    • Electromagnetic Interference
  • Compliance with IEC 61850-3, IEE1613, EN 50155, EN 50121 and other International Standards.

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