Hijacked phone lines. BBC Radio 4 Reveals more…

Hijacked phone lines, shared ownership housing and hot air balloons

There’s been a sharp increase in the number of phone lines being hijacked by criminals. BBC Radio 4 reveal what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and why innocent bill-payers are being left to pick up the tab.

Shared ownership housing schemes are sold as a good way to get onto the property ladder. But a decline in prices has left some homeowners unable to sell or even rent out their homes. We report on the pros and cons of part buying / part renting a property.

Up to 18,000 people are believed to have been left without the balloon trips they paid for following the collapse of one of the UK’s biggest hot air ballooning companies.

The Advertising Standards Authority acts over misleading ‘miles per gallon’ claims by car manufacturers

And as hats designed by one of Britain’s most famous milliners head to the high street, are attitudes to hat wearing changing?

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Article Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rqndv

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BBC Radio 4 reveals that at least 40 UK businesses reported having their PBX’s hacked in March 2013 alone. Average loss per victim 21,000. Total cost to victims – 840,000 in one month.