Kenton Supplies National Rail Approved Products


The Kenton Group provides the following equipment of which complies with the Network Rail Product Acceptance.

Line Isolation Unit
Line Isolator unit 10KVRMS, 4W, DIN rail Mounting, screw terminals.
Network Rail Approval: PADS Cat. 087/072808

Lease Line Modem
Modem V.23, 2/4W lease line, 600/Hi impedance line, rack mount, stand alone. Rack 19” 3U DB25 & Krone IDC.
Network Rail Approval: PA05/01644

Lease Line Modem
Modem V.34, 2/4W lease line and PSTN. Stand alone mains i/p 85-265VAC. Rack mount twin card, 19” rack & PSU.
Network Rail Approval: PA05/04473

SHDSL Ethernet Modem
Modem DSL 4 pair, 5.7Mbps/pair, EFM bonding, 4 port Ethernet, DIN rail stand-alone, DC & AC power.
Network Rail Approval: PA05/04166

Dual Switched Line Combiner and Splitter Unit
Branching and Combiner unit 6 channel dual, with anti-streaming, 4W, 600Z, 19” 3U, DC.
Network Rail Approval: PA05/01719

HD Communicator
HD communicator, 2x DSL pairs, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x Echelon, ring redundant, DC.
Network Rail Approval: PA05/02339


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