As a valued partner of Smartoptics, The Kenton Group brings Open Transport Networking to the UK market with a unique combination of WDM technology usually found within the hyperscale environment. By embracing Open Port Open Line System Open Transponders 

Smartoptics delivers you the Economics of Webscale Infrastructure models to your Enterprise business where high capacity or data centre interconnect connectivity is required. Smartoptics engineers out traditional vendor lock in strategies with its open networking philosophy. By actively supporting embedded WDM leveraging our unique vendor relationships, Enterprises can take advantage of adopting new WDMtechnology with faster refresh cycles and lower costs with optimal deployment models.

Smartoptics focus on simplicity and interoperability which promotes capex efficient solutions leveraging capability in existing Enterprise infrastructure. Experience has shown that Enterprise connectivity requirements should be architected to solve IT and Big Data transport problems and not telecoms service provider problems. This is why Smartoptics embraces a Datacom centric eco-system with focus on enabling existing platforms to do more with lowest complexity.

Key portfolio items are

  1. Certified Optical Solutions with Key Enterprise Vendors likeBrocade, HDS,
    EMC/DELL, HPE, Cisco, Edgecore, Arista etc 
  2. 10/25/40/100G open port transceivers for Enterprise & Data Centres
  3. Inter Data Centre Open Line Systems (WDM Data Center Interconnect)
  4. Open Transponder (100G Metro Interconnect for Data Centres)