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Network availability is critical for successful M2M and backup solutions. Downtime, congestion, interference or weak signal, are just some of the issues that could affect your network availability and this impacts on the perceived network and application reliability.

The AccessNet connectivity solution to several networks at any time guarantees coverage and peace of mind. It is ideal for both M2M and fixed line backup solutions covering large geographical areas removing the need for multiple network suppliers This, in turn, reduces costs and time to market for the M2M solution.

The managed connectivity service uses a private APN, which eliminates the risks associated with using a standard shared MNO APN. Thanks to solid management infrastructure, the private APN covers all but a few locations worldwide.


  • GLOBAL REACH- Seamless coverage across most countries Worldwide.
  • NETWORK COMPATIBILITY- Access across 3/4G, GPRS and GSM.
  • OUTSTANDING SERVICE- Up to 24x7 centralised monitoring and management, experienced customer service, and technical expertise
  • ACCESS AGNOSTIC- Accessnet supports end user connectivity over most networks
  • MULTIPLE TUNNELLING STANDARDS- Accessnet is flexible enough to support a variety of standards-based tunnelling protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, and Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).
  • CENTRALISED SOLUTION MANAGEMENT- Network operations or self-administering end-users, can manage 24x7 policy and software updates directly to the application.
  • ENCRYPTION- DES, 3-DES, and RC-4 encryption methods for varying security requirements.
  • AUTHENTICATION SERVICES- Customer-provided or hosted RADIUS, internal LDAP, token integration, and X.509 certificates are all available for increased security for your VPN.
  • ACCESSNET MANAGER- With Accessnet Access Manager easy-to-use software, you can manage, connect, and change access services quickly and easily from anywhere in the world as well as apply policy to end-users for increased user management and security.
  • REMOTE SERVICES WITH COLLOCATION- Combines the features of collocation services with the VPN so you can retain control of your hosting equipment while benefiting from the network redundancy, reliability, and security that comes with Accessnet.
  • IMEI lock allows you to lock your SIMs and devices together. Once a SIM is locked to a device the SIM cannot be removed and used for another device.
  • The “Location lock” feature allows you to lock the SIM to work only in your specified location.
  • Option to activate features only when you need them.
  • AccessNet SIMs is programmed to communicate only with secure private APN. Your communications flow through our APN which ensures the service is authorised. There is a Firewall at the APN level.
  • The optional VPN connection and Fixed IP provides an additional layer of security and control adding security against unauthorised access or hostile viewing of the data in transit.
  • Real-Time billing alerts
  • Full time data capture
Not available
Not available

Our service portfolio is tailored to each individual customer’s needs. We aim to offer complimentary services to our customers to help them deliver the service level agreements they are contracted to provide.

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