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CentreCOM GS920 Series

Secure Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switches

The Allied Telesis CentreCOM® GS920 Series switches offer secure Gigabit switching performance in a cost-effective package easily deployed in work areas and smaller networks. Front-panel DIP switches provide simple configuration of commonly used features.


  • High performance Gigabit network access for bandwidth intensive applications
  • Support for different size workgroups with 8
  • 16 and 24 port models
  • Simple device configuration using front panel DIP switches
  • Reduced operating costs with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • DIP switches
  • Loop Guard (Loop Detection) for avoiding loops at the network edge
  • Loop Detection Frames are regularly sent, and affected ports are shut down if a loop is discovered.
  • IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)* (*only on 100/1000M)
  • Force MDI avoids incorrect cabling and possible network loops.
  • EAPOL/BPDU forwarding
  • Flow control
  • Speed/Duplex configuration
  • Flooding mode

DIP Switches

Normally, configuring functions such as Loop Detection requires the use of a command line or graphical interface. The Allied Telesis GS920 Series lets you configure these frequently-used functions with a DIP switch.

High Performance

The Allied Telesis GS920 Series deliver the high speed and high performance demanded by today’s high-bandwidth applications, such as video, graphics and industrial design.

Quality and Reliability

Allied Telesis is a world-wide leader in unmanaged Ethernet switches. Shipping more than 250,000 unmanaged switches every year, Allied Telesis offers both proven reliability and industry-leading quality.

Speed/Duplex Configuration

The GS920 Series allows speed and duplex to be set per port. This supports older devices where auto-negotiation is not supported, as well embedded devices, which may support a fixed speed/duplex only.

Loop Detection

The Loop Detection feature discovers network loops, and shuts down affected ports. After the loop is resolved, the affected ports are automatically returned to active use.

Flooding Mode

Flooding mode allows the easy capture of data steams for troubleshooting and analysis, as they are sent to all ports.

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