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The FCM9004 Advanced Ethernet NID / Demarcation Device is powerful & versatile offering cost-effective copper & fibre demarcation for Carrier Ethernet Service Providers.


  • Managed Ethernet NID / Demarcation Device for Ethernet Services
  • Up to 1Gbps with both Copper & Fibre LAN and Network Ports
  • 802.3ah & 802.1ag OAM service integrity checking (EFM, CFM)
  • Y.1731 support for in-service Layer-2 (Ethernet) traffic Latency, Jitter & Packet-Loss performance monitoring & alarming
  • Integrated RFC2544 and Y.1564 test traffic generation, loopback and reporting, for Layer-2 (Ethernet MAC) traffic
  • Supports automated OTDR based fault detection
  • MetroSAM hardware for wire-speed SLA measurement & verification
  • ZTC fully automated discovery, installation, commissioning test and provisioning process.
  • Support for Performance-Assured Ethernet (PAE) Services
  • Customer VLAN and Q-in-Q support for service differentiation
  • Traffic prioritisation & Rate Limiting, with Policing and Colour Marking
  • Link Loss Forwarding, L2CP tunnelling, Jumbo Frame Support (10kb)
  • Redundant Dual AC Failover PSU version available
  • Compact unit with robust metal housing and integral power supply
  • Auto-sensing power supply (100-250V AC or -40V DC versions), 12-24V DC on request
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

The FCM9004 offers a sophisticated but cost effective demarcation solution for Ethernet Service Providers, with flexible interface options. The ‘MetroSAM' service assurance architecture allows wire-speed measurement of the key parameters necessary to ensure compliance with customer SLAs. These measurements can also be performed in-service against programmable thresholds to prove that the service continues to operate effectively over the longer term. This proactive fault detection assists in the rapid isolation of potential service problems enabling SLA assurance whilst reducing operational costs (OPEX).

The FCM9004 supports Metrodata's ‘zero-touch-commissioning' (ZTC) process, minimising both on-site installation time and the engineering skills required. This auto-provisioning process reduces on-site installation to a ‘plug and play' exercise, simple enough for the end user to perform themselves, i.e. simply checking that the Ethernet LEDs indicate correct physical connectivity. The EDD auto-discovers its management connection, IP address and TFTP server, then downloads its individual service definition parameters and management system contact details.The EDD then performs a carrier specific series of SLA measurements to micro-second resolution and proves that all of the service parameters have been provisioned properly. Once the service has been fully proven, the EDD sends the SLA verification birth certificate to the NOC for inclusion into the Service Provider's provisioning documentation and then auto-provisions itself. Subsequent in-service SLA verification measurements then continue to check that service levels are being maintained and notify of any drop in performance below a set of programmable thresholds.

The FCM9004 has a highly programmable ITU-T Y.1564 / RFC-2544 performance benchmark testing capability on-board which can be scripted to match the specific installation procedures of individual Service Providers. Full CIR/CBS/EIR/EBS testing can be performed on multiple flows simultaneously with micro- second resolution using hardware time stamping. The ‘zero-touch-commissioning' (ZTC) process enables full service installation and end-end SLA verification without requiring an engineer to attend site. Should the EDD suffer a loss of power then a Dying Gasp 802.3ah message and Trap are sent to provide immediate notification of the reason for service loss. All of this functionality combined with the sophisticated in- service SLA verification against programmable thresholds, dramatically impacts on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Ethernet Service Provision

The FCM9004 is available in a choice of power supplies:

  • 100-250 VAC integrated PSU
  • Redundant failover Dual AC integrated PSU
  • -48 VDC integrated PSU
  • 12V-24V DC available on request
  • The FCM9004 can easily be rack-mounted in either a 1U two unit rack-mount kit, a 6U eighteen unit rack-mount kit. A 1U rack-mount kit is also available for the Redundant Dual AC PSU version.

Please contact Metrodata for price and availability of SFP modules including standard 1310nm single mode as well as long haul, 1550nm, bi-directional and CWDM.

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