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Friendly TR-069 Device Management Suite

Improve subscribers' quality of experience and streamline the deployment of broadband services

The complexity associated with the delivery and management of broadband services is driving up costs for carriers and ISPs. Regardless of how much is spent on connectivity infrastructure, customer satisfaction will mainly depend on the ability to provide seamless deployment and the means to easily operate devices, to rapidly solve problems, and to actually receive what they paid for at all times.

Reducing deployment, management and support costs of data, voice and video services

Friendly's TR-069 Suite allows carriers and xSPs to reduce the deployment, management, and support costs of data, VoIP, IPTV and Smart Home services. Based on the TR-69 and SNMP standards, the solution streamlines and simplifies the entire service life cycle of broadband devices from their deployment and on to their on-going management and support, allowing service providers to enjoy significant reduction in OPEX, while ensuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Carrier-class TR-69 device management

Installed in dozens of major carriers and xSPs, Friendly's TR-69 suite offers a robust architecture for mass management of CPEs on DSL, WiMax, FTTH, and Cable networks. It is based on the most recent Java and database technologies, offering exceptional simplicity in its integration with back-end systems, such as provisioning system OSS, CRM, LDAP, and more.

CPE vendor independent

Friendly's TR-69 suite maintains CPE vendor neutrality, enabling seamless switching from one CPE type to another, while managing all the CPEs on a single platform.

The Friendly TR-069 Suite includes the following products:

Management Console - Friendly's Management Console offers remote management of CPEs. It enables independent creation of new data models to be supported by the ACS. New CPE types or data models can be easily added by the system administrator without any assistance from Friendly or extensive knowledge of TR-069.

Provisioning Portal - Friendly's Provisioning Portal automates the provisioning of new subscribers to Internet services. The provisioning portal offers a single unified interface for the provisioning of all device types and serves as a front end to all the back-office systems involved in the provisioning process.

Support Centre Application - Friendly's Support Centre Application allows service representatives (CSRs) to manage and control a specific CPE during a support call. Using the Support Centre Application, the CSR can remotely diagnose and resolve problems through intuitive screens and automated processes.

Event Management System - Friendly's Events Management System (FEMS) automates problem resolution with predefined scripts. The scripts are automatically triggered by events, which may be generated by external systems or by the user, and include automated problem resolution as well notification to external systems and applications.

Self-Support Portal - Friendly's Self Support portal reduces the number of calls to the help desk and increases customer satisfaction, by allowing non-technical subscribers to independently diagnose and repair problems related to data, voice and video services.

  • Reduce deployment costs with zero touch provisioning
  • Reduce operational costs by remotely managing all devices on a single platform
  • Improve customer experience with automated monitoring and problem resolution
  • Reduce support costs with support centre and self support portal
  • Ongoing support of the full TR-069 specs
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