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RAD's RSD-10 programmable sharing device enables multiple modems or terminals to share a master modem, a multiplexer or a computer point in a multipoint environment. The RSD-10 programmable sharing device supports up to eight DCEs/DTEs. The unit operates transparently at a data rate of up to 19.2 Kbps, synchronously or asynchronously.

This unit is PADS approved. The Network Rail PADS number is PA 087/072636.

  • Operates with any combination of 8 DTEs or DCEs
  • Synchronous or asynchronous up to 19.2 kbps
  • RTS/DCD or data contention
  • DCE/DTE switch for main and each sub-channel
  • Automatic disabling of sub-channel in event of streaming
  • Individual sub-channel manual disable switches
  • Internal or external clocks
  • 1U height for minimal rack space
  • Cascadeable
  • Easy to install and configure

Multiple DCEs or DTEs sharing a single access point

The RSD-10 digital sharing device enables any combination of DCEs and/or DTEs to share a modem, multiplexer or computer port in a multipoint environment. RSD-10 supports up to eight DCEs/DTEs. It is completely transparent to the system and the data, and operates with sync or async equipment. The unit generates timing signals internally or operate with external clocks, either from the main channel or from subchannel 1.

The main channel broadcasts information to all subchannels in parallel. Subchannels contend to transmit to the main channel by activating RTS/DCD or by data transitions. The devices can be configured to automatically disable any channel that stays active for longer than a preset time and blocks all other subchannels.

Permanent disabling of a subchannel is possible by setting the front panel switches. Installation and configuration of the RSD units is easy. All necessary crossover connections are defined internally via a DCE/DTE switch, and only straight-through cables are used to connect the modems or terminals to the RSD-10. The interfaces are RS-232/V.24 and the connectors are 25-pin D-type, female.

  • Eight subchannels
  • Sync or async, data rates up to 19.2 kbps
  • RS-232/V.24 interface
  • Automatic disabling of streaming subchannel
  • Operates with dial-up or leased line modems
  • Internal or external clocks

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