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Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) is still used in many networks for transporting customer voice and data traffic. The Kenton Group offers a wide range of TDM access products serving carriers and service providers, cellular operators, utilities and transportation, and government agencies.

Our TDM access products can also interwork with next-generation networks (NGN), incorporating pseudowire (TDMoIP) technology for transporting all existing TDM services over packet-switched networks. TDM Access products available include:

Multi-service Multiplexers

The Kenton Group have put together a portfolio of highly flexible and versatile multi-service access multiplexers to groom, aggregate and cross connect multiple services, including voice, ISDN, high/low speed data, and LAN over fibre optic, wireline, xDSL or wireless.

The range of multiplexers offer scalable products and feature a wide range of capabilities, including SDH/SONET ADM functionality, IP migration, voice compression, and flexible cross connect capacities, to fit the needs of small businesses, large organisations and carriers.

Many of our multiplexers are ideally suited to the utility and transportation industries, whose critical time and delay sensitive applications require the Quality of Service of TDM-based access and SDH transport solutions.

The units can be deployed at the customer premises and carrier points of presence (PoP).

Digital Cross Connects

Digital cross connect products groom and concentrate fractional traffic from the user side into full E1/T1, E3/T3 or STM-1/OC-3 trunks for connection to central offices. Deployment of digital cross connect products for back-hauling circuits enables the delivery of leased line services at lower capital and operational costs.

Available in a wide range of capacities, The Kenton Group's range of digital cross connects are deployed by cellular operators, carriers, utility companies, enterprises and ISPs.


TDM network termination units (NTUs), offer a compact, cost-effective solution for extending legacy TDM services over packet networks, enabling carriers and service providers to create a flexible, service-independent access model while offering a competitive and wide service portfolio.