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Total Access 604, T1 ATM

The Total Access 604 (T1 ATM) is a fixed-port Integrated Access Device (IAD) providing a single T1 network interface, 4 analog FXS interfaces, V.35 serial port and 10/100Base-T IP router.

  • Pre-configured with ATM (VoIP/VoATM) software.
  • Intuitive menu-driven configuration.
  • Supports AAL2 (voice) and AAL5 (data).
  • On-board echo cancellation (G.168), PCM (G.711), and ADPCM (G.726) compression resources for packet applications.
  • RTP/UDP/IP support.
  • Interoperability with leading soft switch and feature server vendors.
  • Integral IP router supports DHCP, NAT/PAT, packet filtering, RIP V1/V2.
  • 50-pin female Amphenol connector for Carrier Class analog POTS (FXS) interfaces.
  • Industry-leading 10-year North American warranty.
  • Seamless voice and data integration over IP-, TDM-, or ATM-based architectures
  • Up to 24 analog POTS interfaces
  • Optional DSX-1 for PBX connectivity
  • VoIP, TDM, and VoATM support
  • Compatible with industry-leading DSLAMs, aggregation routers, gateways, soft switches, and call agents
  • Integral full-featured IP router for data support and Internet access
  • V.35 Nx56/64 DTE interface
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Software upgradeable from TDM to packet-based architectures
  • Rugged metal case
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