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The WCM1800 is a member of the MetroCONNECT family, offering Managed LAN extension over either Clear-Channel or Fractional E1 or T1 Wide Area Networks.The WCM1800 supports four locally switched RJ45 LAN interfaces, three of which are for 10/100Mbps connections and the fourth supporting 1Gbps.A further LAN interface is provided via an SFP port, offering the flexibility of a wide variety of fibre interface options. Over-sized Ethernet frames are supported.

Ethernet VLANs are supported, either by pass-through of existing Tags or by the Push and Pop of Tags on ingress and egress at Ethernet ports. Pre-embedded prioritisation schemes can be honoured, or alternatively prioritisation can be over-written under Management control. Bandwidth limitation per port and per prioritisation can be implemented, providing a mechanism for differentiated QoS for different services. Management is offered via each of Serial Terminal connection,Telnet, SNMP or Web Browser application. Management security is offered via SSH andTACACS+ authentication. Support is also offered for ‘Carrier Ethernet’ Link OAM Management (IEEE 802.3ah), enabling status information to be shared with connected equipment if required.

In line with all other members of the MetroCONNECT Ethernet Service Delivery family,theWCM1800 supports Metrodata’s ‘zero-touch’ installation process, eliminating the need for skilled resources for remote-site installations.

The WCM1800 supports integrated ‘Bit Error Rate Testing’ (BERT), an invaluable aid during both installation and subsequent troubleshooting. This facility enables integrity testing of the WAN link, prior to application of Ethernet traffic, eliminating doubt as to the location of connectivity problems.

Ethernet traffic is encapsulated by the WCM1800, for transmission over an E1 or T1 link, using a number of optional schema including support for the ITU-T G.8040 standard ‘Generic Framing Procedure’ (GFP).The product can be used for Point- to-Point links, using two WCM1800 products joined via multiply ‘bonded’ terrestrial or wireless (e.g. microwave) WAN services, to provide seamless Ethernet bandwidth of up to ~16Mbps between two locations.Alternatively, the product can be used in conjunction with other members of the MetroCONNECT product family, including the WCM1100,WCM1400, WCM1820 and MC12000 Ethernet Service Delivery Chassis.As a small ‘Central Site’ aggregator, the WCM1800 may serve combinations of single and/or bonded WAN links to between one and four separate locations.

The WCM1800 is available in a choice of 100-250 VAC or -48 VDC integrated power supplies.

The WCM1800 can easily be rack mounted.

  • Ethernet Converter of 10Mb/100Mb/Gigabit Ethernet over up to 8x Clear Channel or Fractional E1 or T1 services
  • Use either for individual Point-to-Point links, offering seamless Ethernet bandwidth over up to 8 'bonded' WAN circuits between two locations, or as a small Central Site Aggregator, serving combinations of single and/or bonded E1 or T1 links to between one and four separate locations
  • Four RJ45 plus single SFP flexible media port, offering local Switched Ethernet connections up to 1Gbps
  • Mini Jumbo Frame Support (up to 2048bytes)
  • Fully manageable via Serial Terminal (user-friendly context-sensitive menu system), Telnet/SSH, SNMP and Web Browser
  • TACACS+ for secure authentication
  • 802.3ah Carrier Ethernet OAM protocol support, for Connectivity Management
  • Integrated 'Bit Error Rate Testing' (BERT) for WAN link verification and troubleshooting
  • 802.1q VLAN support with prioritisation based on 802.1p and/or DSCP markers
  • Bandwidth control per Ethernet Port and Priority queue (also for Broadcast traffic), enabling differentiated traffic QoS
  • Flexible Ethernet encapsulation schemes, including support for GFP standard for inter-operability
  • Link Loss Forwarding
  • RSTP support
  • LED status indicators
  • Alarm Extension Relay
  • Robust metal casing, made in the UK to high quality standards
  • Integral auto-sensing power supply (100-250V AC or -48V DC versions)
  • 12V & 24V DC PSU variants also available on request
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • 1-port E1/T1, 4-port bonded E1/T1,8-port bonded E1/T1 and 16-port bonded E1/T1 versions also available
  • BNC Version also available
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