CPE Configuration Provisioning Portal


The Kenton Group has developed a bespoke Provisioning Portal that is designed specifically to provide a simple and cost-effective solution for the configuration of the end user CPE.

It seamlessly covers the entire process from placing an order through to the configuration, testing, and delivery of the order. We can even deliver direct to the end user to save you time and money.

The key objective of the Portal is to improve accuracy and reliability, whilst giving the operator a fully auditable system that can track every stage of an order.

Designed for you…

With every individual customer’s requirements being different, Kenton’s Provisioning Portal can be tailored to deliver what your business needs in this highly competitive market. Designed with the purpose of meeting your SLA’s and delivering an auditable solution for your customers.

More information available on request.

Download Kenton’s CPE Provisioning Portal Brochure

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