The Kenton Group and LightRiver Deliver Practical Automation to the UK

The Kenton Group recently announced that it has signed onto the LightRiver netFLEX® Connect Partner Alliance Program, enabling the delivery of LightRiver’s Open Network Automation and Services portfolio. The partnership continues The Kenton Group’s commitment to providing customers with best-in-breed solutions through innovative technology like carrier SDN management by leveraging light touch automation capabilities that are not currently available elsewhere. So, what exactly does this mean for customers of The Kenton Group?


Customers are increasingly exploring multi-vendor hardware supply strategies in order to take advantage of specific vendor functionality or to keep their businesses resilient in these turbulent and challenging times. These factors add complexity and increase the team’s technical debt affecting multiple teams within the business. Access to LightRiver’s Open Network Automation and Services portfolio provides Kenton’s customers with a standardized abstracted view of their networks, as well as visibility, test, control, and automation toolsets helping to remove significant challenges delivering measurable operational cost savings in both time and money.


This new partnership will provide The Kenton Group and, therefore, our customers with a number of benefits, including:


  • Reduced delivery and operational complexity
  • Faster and easy management of complex multi-vendor estates
  • Access to LightRiver Labs allowing network experts and engineers to deploy thousands of packet optical nodes for testing
  • Training and technical support


“As our industry continues to change and evolve, it is more important than ever that we are able to offer customers the best possible solutions. Our alliance with LightRiver enables us to do just that. LightRiver’s Open Network Automation and Services portfolio will give our customers a standardized view of their networks, as well as the visibility, control, and automation tools they need to keep their businesses running smoothly,” said John Larkin, Managing Director of The Kenton Group.


John continued by saying, “Kenton has always championed open networking architectures and vendors who support this approach. The ever present challenge of interop has become a more pressing issue in the last 2 years as businesses realise the restrictions closed vendor technologies put on their ability to execute plans when supply chains are disrupted.  LightRiver ensures our customers have options when planning and managing their core systems ensuring they are able to pivot when needed or move to take advantage of newer and more powerful technology solutions when they become available.”


If you are interested in learning more about this solution or any of The Kenton Group’s other offerings, please get in touch with The Kenton Group here. The team would be happy to discuss how they can help you meet your business needs.


To learn more about netFLEX® and how this network automation platform can reduce the complexities of managing multi-vendor, multi-technology environments, visit the LightRiver netFLEX page.